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Solar Cell and Modules

Our first-class professional technical talent and advanced production and testing equipment allow us to manufacture crystalline silicon solar cells and cell modules characterised by their high efficiency, high power, high reliability and non-pollution. We are one of China's largest solar cell and cell module manufacturers.

Our mono-crystalline and polycrystalline PV modules consist of high efficiency PV cells, aluminium alloy, EVA film, toughened low-iron content glass and TPT.

  • High power/area ratio;
  • High reliability;
  • Anti-UV, anti-aging;
  • Wind strength as 2400pa;
  • 20-year usage period, with an output power no lower than 80%

Wind Turbines

We are a wind turbine manufacturer for 900 KW direct wind turbines and 2 MW direct wind turbines, with the annual production capacity of 400 sets and 200 sets respectively. Our direct wind turbines feature enhanced power generation efficiency and a relatively high cost-effectiveness, making the turbines very suitable for a various of environments.

We also have a good reputation in the field of wind power operations. As an experienced operator, we now operate five large-scale wind power plants in different areas of China.

  • Fitted with a long life multi-polar orbicular and low-speed generator.
  • 2 MW wind turbines use permanent magnet generator technology. They have a simple structure, and are highly reliable and easy to maintain;
  • The use of a single main bearing structure to support the generator and wind rotor lessens the number of moving parts and further simplifies the structure;
  • The use of a shell main foundation optimises the load and simplifies operation and maintenance;
  • The use of programmable back-to-back DC-to-DC converter limits output noise;
  • Fitted with an internal electrical network with fault-tolerant function
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