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Great Wall International Exhibition Co. Ltd. is a specialized international exhibition company approved by the Ministry of Commerce of China. Established in November 1995, the company is qualified to organise exhibitions both at home and abroad, and is a leading player in the exhibition industry. Our main activities include organising events in China, Chinese business participation in foreign trade fairs as well as research missions abroad, planning large-scale events and conferences, providing trade fair design, construction and decoration services. In the last decade, we have organized and participated in approximately 600 international trade events in more than thirty countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Our trade fair services cover all five of the world's continents. As part of our services attracting companies to China, in 1997 we established the China International Pet Show, now Asia's largest, most influential pet and aquarium industry trade event; established in 1998, Hortiflorexpo is now Asia's widest ranging flower industry exhibition; and in 2003, we established the World Dairy Expo and Summit, China's most important annual dairy industry event.

Address:No. 88 Nancaiyuan Street Xicheng District Beijing
Email:yahong@chgie.com zhangrui@chgie.com

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