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At 18:51 October 14, 2021 BJT, Long March-2D (LM-2D) Launch Vehicle blasted off from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center (TSLC), sending main satellite Chinese Hα Solar Explorer (CHASE), as well as secondary satellites into predetermined orbit, achieving a complete success. The launch services for eight secondary satellites, including MD-1, HEAD-2 E/F, TIANSHU-1, QX-1, Golden Bauhinia N2 Satellite, MOTS and TianYuan-1 are prime-contracted by China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC), a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

LM-2D Launch Vehicle is a liquid two-stage launcher designed and manufactured by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (SAST), also a subsidiary of CASC. The designed capacity of LM-2D is 1200kg for 700km sun synchronous orbit. This mission is the 55th launch of LM-2D.

CGWIC is a commercial organization authorized by Chinese government to provide commercial launch services, satellite systems and to carry out space technology cooperation. Under the guidance of CASC, CGWIC can provide fast, stable and reliable "one-stop" quality services to both international and domestic customers. Since 2021, CGWIC has performed 5? launches, including 2 in-orbit delivery programs.

Since Long March launch vehicles entered the international market in 1990, CGWIC has completed 66 commercial launches, including 69 international satellites and 30 domestic satellites. In addition, CGWIC has provided 39 piggyback services sending 27 international payloads and 73 domestic payloads into orbits.

This launch marks the 391st flight of the Long March fleet.



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